Kheraf Siamese and Oriental Cats and Donnersmark Standard Poodles


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Our kittens are all raised indoors with our dogs and our other cats. All efforts have been made to ensure that our kittens are loving, confident and outgoing.
They are all GCCF registered, vaccinated and insured for 6 weeks before they leave, no earlier than 13 weeks of age.
All kittens are registered on the non-active register, which means that no progeny from this cat can be registered with the GCCF , without our prior knowledge and consent.

The Following Kittens were born on June 09th and will be ready to go
early September (Fully vacinnated and insured)

3 x Seal Point Siamese (Males)
1 x Havana (Female)
1 x Foreign Black.(Female)
1 x Red Point Siamese (Female)

1 x Red Point Siamese (Male) READY NOW